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way to pre-order


Dragonites Kyōmi translates in Japanese to Dragonites Interest. Here you can register your interest in purchasing up and coming Pokemon Merchandise from all over the world. What items will be available? Well that’s up to the Dragonites Interests? Could be Pokemon Center US or Japan? Below we have a step by step guide to the new easier way to pre-order official Pokemon Merch, with only 50% deposit required

A new merch Interest

Step 1.

Dragonite has seen an new interesting Pokemon products. These products have been added to the interest list, up for pre-order. 

Step 2.

On the interest page,  click the Pokemon merchandise you are interested in purchasing. Then add it to cart, paying only 50% of the products full costs. (more time to save for the other 50% while being imported)

Sign up your order
ordering merchandise

Step 3.

Once Dragonite know’s how many people have paid a deposit, that’s how many he will collect from stores overseas.

Step 4.

Once the merchandise has been received by Dragonite in Australia, people who have ordered will be emailed to pay the rest of the 50% and freight costs.

Contacted about your order
dispatch of your order

Step 5.

Once your order has been paid, it will be dispatched from SA, safely packed and padded for your protection and sent via Australia Post. You will receive an email with tracking information once its on its way!

about the Dragonite


Firstly I’m a mad Pokémon collector and I have the biggest nerdiest passion in the whole wide world about Pokemon! I love Pokémon and have since I was a little kid. Those that know me personally say I’m a little obsessed, but I don’t think that is right. After all I only, wear Pokemon, make Pokemon, paint Pokemon, talk Pokemon, tattoo Pokemon, own the Pokemon Newspaper and quite possibly one of the largest Pokemon collections you have ever seen.

As a result I’ve put all my knowledge, my resources, my contacts into one single place online, so I can share my Pokemon Passion with the people I love more than anybody other, Pokemon Collectors, just like me.