Pokémon Center US - Ho-Oh Poké Plush 13 ¾ In (Order In)

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Ho-Oh Poké Plush 13 ¾ In – From the Pokémon Center US

Stunning colour and details make this Ho-Oh Poké Plush stand out—and felt tail feathers make it easy to stand up! The Rainbow Pokémon holds its wings high and is ready for battle!

  • Measures about 13 ¾ inches tall and 13 inches wide (approx 35cm)
  • Legendary Pokémon, legendary plush!
  • A Fire- and Flying-type Legendary Pokémon from Johto
  • Pokémon Center Original


Release date 15/6/2021


Total cost of product $70 + Freight from SA approx. $10.00

ETA once ordered is approx. 15-20 days, once landed in SA it will be dispatched to your supplied address.

As this is an order in product it is non refundable once stock is ordered. If the stock is already sold/unavailable by the time of order, a full refund will be given.


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