Pokemon Posing Plush (Order In)

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Order In/Pre Order or In Stock.

Once Order In/Pre Order items are ordered from the supplier, there are no refunds.


As all items are ordered from overseas,

some items may arrive with small minor defects.


Pokémon Posing Plush , From Japan

Choose from one of the four:

  • Scizor Posing Plush
  • Cofagrigus Posing Plush
  • Cinderace Posing Plush
  • Toxtricity (Amped Form) Posing Plush
  • Obstagoon Posing Plush


approx – (15 – 20cm tall) Sizes vary per Pokémon

Order in item – In stock in Japan


Total cost of product $65+ Freight from SA

ETA once ordered is approx. 15-20 days, once landed in SA it will be dispatched to your supplied address.

As this is an order in product it is non refundable once stock is ordered. If the stock is already sold/unavailable by the time of order, a full refund will be given.

1 review for Pokemon Posing Plush (Order In)

  1. Britney

    Fantastic product and customer support. Was emailed as soon as any updates came through and arrived quicker than expected. Arrived in condensed packaging that avoided any damage to the product and was overall worth the value for money and quality.

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