Pokemon TCG Japanese 25th Anniversary Golden Box (Order In)

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Pokémon TCG Japanese 25th Anniversary Golden Box – From Japan


  • A gold Poke Ball card
  • A gold Pikachu V card
  • A 60 card deck that’s completely holo
  • set of 64 “premium gloss” card sleeves
  • foil stamped rubber playmat
  • Metal dice and condition markers
  • synthetic leather deck case
  • A synthetic leather playmat case
  • A synthetic leather dice case
  • Pokemon coin
  • 5 of the 25th anniversary promo packs

All Cards are in Japanese ONLY.


Release Date: August 31st 2022

Reprint Release Date: September 1st 2022


As this is an order in product the deposit is non refundable. If the stock is already sold/unavailable by the time of order, a full refund will be given..


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